Official WBUG rides run all year.

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Disclaimer: As the Whittlesea BUG is a Non for Profit (NFP) organisation we do not provide insurance coverage to individuals. Therefore we strongly advise that riders should have personal injury insurance and/or Ambulance Cover.

The whittlesea BUG runs a variety of rides throughout the year, below is a short summary of the different ride types.

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 Sunday Short Rides

Sunday short rides usually start at 9.00 am, although start times do vary.

Rides are generally 15 - 25 km.

Slow ride, average of 12-13 km/h.

Coffee stop for socialising.

No drop-policy. 


Sunday Long Rides

Sunday long rides usually start at 8.00 am, although start times do vary.

Rides are generally 45 - 65 km.

Coffee stop for socialising.

No drop-policy.

Wednesday Twilight Rides 

Throughout the daylight savings period Twilight rides on Wednesday evenings starting at the corner of McKimmies Rd and Botanica Blvd, Bundoora.

Rides are generally 20 - 25 km and aim to finish before it becomes totally dark.

Working front and rear lights are ESSENTIAL.


Rail Trail Weekend Away Rides

Spend a weekend away, touring one of Victoria's rail trails.

Events run irregularly, sign-up to our mailing list for more information.

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Inclement weather & rides

Forecast temperature ≥ 38 °C the planned ride will not run.

In the event of rain, the planned ride will run to the discretion of the ride leader.


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